Reggae Walk of Fame & Museum

 tRELAWNY Stadium - FALMOUTH Jamaica

Jamaica's average annual temperature is 80°F / 27°C. The average yearly temperature range is between 78°F and 85°F. Extreme temperatures range from a low of 65°F to a high of 95°F. 

This is a cool day to call I, Ras Astor Black Toll free 4049104463 or Ja 18764358401 

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The Reggae Walk of Fame App is now available for download.
Kindly visit us at our Rastafari iFERENCE on Wednesdays @ 4:20pm, come and full-joy the sacraments of Rastafari at the Pitfour Rastafari Tabernacle, Montego Bay. Kindly call Ras Astor Black at 876-545-7423, What’sApp 876-435-8401 or 404-910-4463. Email: “Transportation available”

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