Why a RASTAFARI CHAMBER OF COMMERCE is Important For the family?

A thriving "RASTAFARI" family  can only remain strong and thriving in today's competitive world with the proper integration of business from throughout the World region.

Promotion of trade within the local area. First and foremost, a chamber of commerce can serve as a way for businesses within the same community to connect. These connections may be beneficial for businesses in terms of acquiring more affordable services and of course expanding a client base.

Obtaining information. In order for business to be successful, owners must understand their market place A Chamber of Commerce can commission studies on demographics within communities such as Falmouth, a cost which is shared by and benefits all members.

Advocating to local government. It is a sad truth that one voice is easily overheard, and perhaps this is never illustrated more clearly than when it comes to appeals to government. 
Membership in a Chamber of Commerce means that individuals have more weight behind their words and more opportunities to advance their issues in a meaningful way, as the merchants of a town stand together.

Regulation of competition. While competition is a part of business everywhere, in some cases cutthroat practices benefit no one.

A Chamber of Commerce can help individual businesses compete fairly through the regulation of prices and wages, as well as through arbitration during disputes.

RASTAFARI - Chamber of Commerce organizations have a presence in every city and town where business takes place, and have for centuries. Business owners in towns like Whitby find membership in their Chamber of Commerce very useful in growing and expanding their businesses. 
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Message from the Minister
The Ministry of Tourism has adopted the “New Tourism” as its long-term vision. This vision is born of Jamaica's RASTAFARIAN recognition of  the ever-changing environment facing world tourism today. At the core of this concept is a coherent partnership between public and private sectors as well as the Jamaican people, to ensure benefits for all

Vision and Mission 
The Rastafari Chamber of Commerce is a Rastafari organization exists to support the growth of Rastafari businesses, help to attract and establish new businesses and foster a healthy and inclusive business environment. Moreover, we improve quality of life through responsible, sustained leadership on community and regional issues of relevance to Rastafari.
"Rastafari People, one family promoting businesses and a better quality of life." 
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Ras Astor Black

Founder/Chairman of the Board
Falmouth, Trelawny JAMAICA

Calling within Jamaica 876-435-8401 FREE from the USA 404-910-4463